New Members

To become of a member of the Wythall Community Club, please read the Membership Terms and Conditions, then complete the form below.

For Wythall Community Association Membership, please go here.

You will need the names of two current members and their membership numbers to propose and second your application. If you do not have names, please contact the club.

Applications are reviewed and approved by the committee at the next Club meeting, typically held on the last Wednesday in each month.

Membership Fees for New Members includes a £5 Joining fee
   One Year  Three Years
 Individual  £25.00  £45.00
 Individual over 65yrs  £18.00  £31.00
 Couple  £44.00  £78.00
 Couple, one over 65yrs  £40.00  £70.00
 Couple, both over 65yrs  £36.00  £62.00

Membership Application Form

New Membership Application



*Gift Aid

      • You agree that the element of £10 per person per annum due to Wythall Community Association (Registered Charity No. 243332) and any similar payments you make in future, may be used to claim Gift Aid.
      • Your donation could be worth even more to the Wythall Community Association through the Gift Aid scheme. Ticking the Gift Aid box on the application form means we can reclaim tax for every £1 you give.
      • To qualify you must pay an amount of income tax and / or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax that the charity reclaims on your donations in the tax year.
      • Please complete all your details clearly above and, if applicable, sign to allow us to claim Gift Aid on your donation.
      • Funds raised will go towards our charity and public benefits. Any money not required for this purpose will be used for other projects and equipment needed by the charities and public benefits.
      • We will share required details, such as your name, first line of address, postcode and age with HMRC as required to claim the Gift Aid.