About Us

Wythall Community Club provides a social club atmosphere giving you a cosy and friendly environment for all your family and friends.

Our facilities include extensive rooms, TV, function rooms, special events, local clubs and entertainment.

We are part of Wythall Park and the Wythall Community AssociationThe park, which is private, is fully maintained by local volunteers who are very proud in providing a wonderful 32 acre area, which includes football pitches, children’s play area, Park Hall, Community Hall and dog exercise area.

The Club’s objectives are to provide opportunities for recreation and social interaction; to encourage good fellowship; and activities beneficial to members of the Wythall community.

Membership is open to persons aged 18 years or more, who live in the Wythall neighbourhood, the surrounding areas or who have a link with the area.

Members may sign Guests into the Club for a visit not more than twice a month.  In the event of a formal visit by a club or association for a pre-arranged game or function, Visitors or the “opposition” shall be entitled to use the premises.

Wythall Community Club, established in 1967, is a not-for-profit private members club.

Darts at Wythall Community Club

Please ask at the bar for availability.