Wythall Community Association – Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Wythall Community Association - Annual General Meeting - Thursday 11 July 2024.

All members of Wythall Community Association, Wythall Community Club (by default you are members of the WCA) and Constituent Groups are invited to attend this Annual General Meeting.

Unfortunately after taking advice, the previous AGM held on 13 June 2024, and subsequent General Committee meeting have been deemed to be non-compliant.

Therefore we will be holding the Association AGM again on Thursday 11 July at 7.30pm in Park Hall, and would ask that members attend as we need at least 25 present for the meeting to be allowed.

Bar available from 7.15pm.

Wythall Community Association – AGM

The 2022 Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 12th May at 8pm in Park Hall. 

Everyone who is a member of the Association or Club is welcome to come along.