Wythall Community Association – Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Wythall Community Association - Annual General Meeting - Thursday 11 July 2024.

All members of Wythall Community Association, Wythall Community Club (by default you are members of the WCA) and Constituent Groups are invited to attend this Annual General Meeting.

Unfortunately after taking advice, the previous AGM held on 13 June 2024, and subsequent General Committee meeting have been deemed to be non-compliant.

Therefore we will be holding the Association AGM again on Thursday 11 July at 7.30pm in Park Hall, and would ask that members attend as we need at least 25 present for the meeting to be allowed.

Bar available from 7.15pm.

Wythall Community Club Annual General Meeting

Wythall Community Club Annual General Meeting - Friday 1st March 2024 - Britannia Room, Wythall House, B47 6LZ.

A chance for members to come together, hear the slightly more formalised version of events of the last year, vote on the accounts and make their voices heard.

We will also be holding elections for The Officers (4) and Committee (12) to help run the Club over the next 12 months.

We have had a lot more help over the last 12 months from the general membership in running events, such as the Beer Festival, so if you fancy standing up to be counted… now is the chance.

Chairman’s Report 2023 AGM

Wythall Community Association AGM

Annual General Meeting

Open to all Association members.

The General Committee is made up of all of the trustees.

Opportunity to see what goes on.

We are looking for a new treasurer.

Treasurer Wythall Community Association Role:

      • Preparation of financial information reports for Officers, management, general committee.
      • Ensure annual accounts and report prepared, approved and filed with Charity Commission.
      • Annual renewal of Insurance, negotiations for electricity & gas.
      • Work with the GM to agree rents. When / if terms of reference change ensuring agreements with clubs are amended.
      • Work with the GM in respect of employees – terms, rates, contracts, holidays.
      • Liaise with HMRC as required. (Vat inspections).
      • Submit requests for donations / grants.
      • Control of Park Hall bar finances, prices, stock.
      • Be aware that some groups use the Association to reclaim VAT which is in respect of expenses that benefit the Association ultimately.

Wythall Community Association – AGM

The 2022 Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 12th May at 8pm in Park Hall. 

Everyone who is a member of the Association or Club is welcome to come along.