Non-Members Survey Oct 2019

Welcome to your Non-Members Survey Oct 2019

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If you became a member of Wythall Community Club, please let us know how often you would attend the club:

Why would you visit the club?

What would incentivise you to join Wythall Community Club?

There a various events already offered at the club, e.g. Beer Festival, New Years Eve Party, Quizzes, Tribute Acts, etc. What events would you like to see at the club that you would become a member and attend?

Please see our current Opening Hours (this will open in a new tab). What hours would you like to have, that would mean you're more likely to attend?

2 Replies to “Non-Members Survey Oct 2019”

    1. Hi Melony, Please either see the New Members webpage or pop into the club one evening or at the weekend and we’ll sort it out and give you a quick tour round the club house.

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